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While visiting my sons in Pittsburgh, I received a letter from my daughter in which she proposed that on my return home, we should write my recollections together.

For some years my friends had urged me to do this, but while I enjoy reminiscing, the ordeal of writing my memories all by myself had caused me to procrastinate, so that this proposition seemed a way out. But in view of the fact that my daughter is confined in a plaster cast to rectify a fractured spine and while being able to move about her diversions were very limited, I decided we could spend an interesting winter in this way and possibly leave something of value to my children and grandchildren.

So in collaboration with my eldest child, Elizabeth, I shall record some local and family history, together with many things I remember in my eighty-five years, most of these years having been spent in the place where I was born in the home of my children's grandparents.

D. H. P.

November 2, 1929

Prologue by William Remington Patterson, Jr.

Introduction by David Hunter Patterson

Chapter 1 The Valley of the Big Cove

Chapter 2 The Tall Oaks & Towering Pines of Gallant Little Fulton

Chapter 3 The Pattersons and the Hunters

Chapter 4 Concerning Some of my Forbears

Chapter 5 Childhood Memories

Chapter 6 Some Church History

Chapter 7 Boyhood Days

Chapter 8 I Go Away to School

Chapter 9 Incidents of the Civil War

Chapter 10 Springfield - Graduation

Chapter 11 Your Mother

Chapter 12 A Quaker Family of Western Pennsylvania

Chapter 13 From 1870 to 1880

Chapter 14 Home Again at Webster Mills

Chapter 15 The Centennial - I Buy a Farm and get into Politics

Chapter 16 Last Years in the Old Home

Epilogue by Elizabeth Patterson Neeson

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