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Fulton County Resource Information

Fulton County Web Links

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Cemetery Listings

We will be working on a searchable cemetery database. In the meantime, if you have a high-bandwidth connection, you are welcome to download this cemetery listing. We want to thank the Fulton County Historical Society and Glenn Cordell for making it available, and especially this list of volunteers. Recently a correction has been made to the list, a photo of the authenticating family Bible is available which corrects the birthday of Nelson Hess.

(You may prefer to download this zipped full cemetery listing, zipped A-F listing, zipped G-P listing, and zipped Q-Z listing.)


If you would to read the memoirs of long time Fulton County resident David Hunter Patterson (1844-1938), please visit here:

Memoirs of David Hunter Patterson

Fulton settler William Patterson (1749-1846) is buried at Big Spring Graveyard. Here is some information about him.


US Gen Web has a 1916 Fulton County Atlas.

Other maps of Fulton Co. are here.

Local Pictures

Here is a photo taken on July 4, 1900 in McConnellsburg

Here is a scene of the farm that was in the Patterson family for nearly 150 years (from 1850 through 1999, on US 522 south of McConnellsburg in Ayr Township):

Patterson Farm and its deed (this copy is not fully executed)

Here is a picture of the dedication of the monument to the last Confederate bivouac in Pennsylvania, taken in 1930. The man on the right is my great grandfather, David Hunter Patterson (also pictured here in 1920).

Here is a picture of the Historical Marker near the Big Spring Graveyard on Route 522 south of McConnellsburg in Ayr Township.

Here is a a recent photo of the Burnt Cabins Grist Mill.

Here are pictures of the Humbert Mill.

If you have other pictures which you think would be appropriate for this web site please

Obituaries Collection and related other scanned documents

Wills Collection and related other scanned documents

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