Cemetery file for Fulton County, PA - to August 1995

This is a VOLUNTEER effort of the Fulton County Historical Society, containing 17,415 individual names. Over the years, numerous people walked through the cemeteries of Fulton County and copied data from the tombstones. This was begun in the 1930s and 1940s by the late Walter Sloan and others from the old Historical Society. It was continued in the 1950s and 1960s by such local genealogists as Samuel Buterbaugh. When the Historical Society was reorganized in 1975 prior to the US bicentennial, this became a project for local volunteers such as Hazel Harr, John Nelson, Glenn Cordell and others. Where cemeteries had already been recorded, such as found on Latter Day Saints (LDS) microfilm, this information was accepted. The data was written on the back of old IBM cards and filed alphabetically in 14 drawers at the Fulton House.

When visitors stopped at the Historical Society library to do research on people or events in Fulton County's history, they always used the cemetery file. Members would sometimes write to the Society and request, "Please send me the birth and death dates of all the Mellotts buried in Sideling Hill cemetery!" The Society saw a need to make this information more readily available to everyone. Fortunately, Mrs. Doris Finney, a dedicated member living in Waterloo, Iowa, offered to enter ALL this data on computer. In the early 1990s, letter by letter, drawer by drawer, file cards were mailed to Doris who spent a large part of two years recording the names and dates of all the residents of Fulton County who are buried in our local soil.

As you find errors in the data, if you will send corrections to the Fulton County Historical Society at Box 115, McConnellsburg, PA 17233, the record will be corrected immediately on the master disk. Due to human error and the worn condition of many of the early tombstones, you should check for yourself dates on the original marker. But this file will point you in the direction of the correct cemetery and should save you much time. Burials since late 1995 are not included; perhaps by 2000 the Society may have it's own Web page to publish additional information!

Union Cemetery south of McConnellsburg is the largest one in the county, and the only one where volunteers did not copy from the gravestone. The Society had access to the Burial Book used by the cemetery secretary, the late Rhoda Kendall. Since burial USUALLY occurred 3 days after death, Mrs. Finney recorded a death date 3 days earlier than the date entered in the burial book. This could easily be off by a day, so verify it with another source.

For the last 20 years, Hazel Harr has clipped local obituaries from the newspapers and pasted them on the cemetery cards. In some cases, the Society was given duplicate older newspapers where obituaries could be cut out. In this cemetery listing, an asterisk * indicates that an obituary is included in the Historical Society library file for easy access.

Following is a list of some of the cemeteries, with a brief description. As an example of others, a newspaper obituary may state that a person was buried at "Pleasant Ridge" without distinguishing between Pleasant Ridge Brethren or Pleasant Ridge Nazarene. Bethel and Bethel Mennonite are the same site, although the denomination changed since it was started.

AKERSVILLE METHODIST - Brush Creek township; 191 marked graves; earliest Ephrim Akers died 1817; copied from Latter Day Saint (LDS) microfilm of 1956

AMARANTH BRETHREN - Union township; 48 graves when copied by the LDS in 1950s; earliest Frederick Spade died 1887

ANTIOCH CHRISTIAN - Thompson township, Timber Ridge; large cemetery copied by Sam Buterbaugh in 1960s; earliest George & Margaret Peck died 1863

ASBURY CEMETERY - Licking Creek township, along Route 30 west of Harrisonville; Methodist cemetery copied by Floyd Sipes about 1977

BERNHARD FAMILY - Bethel township; west side of Route 522 opposite Bethel Church Road; perhaps 12 graves but only 2 markers; copied by Roy Mills and Margot Helms in Sept. 1981

BETHEL (Primitive Baptist) and BETHEL MENNONITE - Bethel township; 45 graves, copied from LDS microfilm; earliest John Emry died 1793

BETHLEHEM - Todd township, Dutch Corner; United Brethren; copied by Sam Buterbaugh in 1960s; earliest Shaffer child died 1855

BIG COVE TANNERY LUTHERAN - Ayr township along Route 522; 61 graves copied by Hazel Harr in November 1977; earliest Lusanna Tolbert died 1873

BIG SPRING - Ayr township 2 miles south of McConnellsburg, turn on dirt lane at PA Historical sign; 110 legible markers plus field stones and wooden markers; copied from published 1934 National Genealogical Society Quarterly by Thelma Lee; earliest legible Robert Taggart died 1803 but is reputed to have started after the 1755 Great Cove massacre

D.BLACK FARM - Taylor township; 2 legible Horton markers plus fieldstones; copied by Ned Knepper in 1978

LBLACK FARM - Taylor township; 1 legible Sipes grave; copied by Ned Knepper in 1978

BUCK VALLEY LUTHERAN - Union township; 137 graves copied from LDS microfilm; earliest Fisher children died 1862

BUCK VALLEY METHODIST - Union township; 214 graves copied from LDS microfilm; earliest Elizabeth Hoopengardner died 1859

BUCK VALLEY PRESBYTERIAN - Union township; 3 graves copied from LDS microfilm; dating 1869-70

BURNT CABINS - Dublin township; about 350 graves copied by Sam Buterbaugh in early 1970s; earliest Mary Kelly and Ann Pym died 1830

CEDAR GROVE CHRISTIAN - Bethel township at Dott; copied by Sam Buterbaugh in 1960s; earliest Jacob Winter died 1851

CENTER METHODIST - Taylor township; about 450 graves copied by Tom Duffey and Glenn Cordell in September 1982

CLEAR RIDGE - Dublin township at Methodist church; about 500 graves copied by Mildred Henry and Joann Orwall in 1984; earliest Joannah Wible died 1838

CORNER - Ayr township, Church of the Brethren organized 1843; 42 graves copied by Hazel Harr in 1977; may have many unmarked Negro graves; earliest William Conrod died 1844

CRAWFORD FARM - Brush Creek township near Amaranth; 9 marked graves copied from LDS microfilm

DAMASCUS - Thompson township, Christian church; 393 marked graves and 65 unmarked ones recorded by Bruce Douglas, secretary; earliest Pittman infant died 1809 and Benjamin Shives 1739-1813

DAVIS LANE - Taylor township; 16 legible, 8 illegible, and 6 field stones copied by Ned Knepper in 1980; earliest Chesnut died 1833

DECKER FAMILY - Licking Creek township; 3 marked graves on original Decker farm copied by Cleo Decker Fisher; earliest Adam Decker came from Germany, died 1838

DIEHL - Brush Creek township, Whips Cove on farm settled by Solomon Diehl; 8 graves copied by Donald R. McKee, with note that other Diehl markers were moved to Whips Cove Church in the 1880s

DUBBS - Dublin township near Burnt Cabins; 5 marked graves copied by Clara Louise Dubbs in October 1978; earliest Sarah Long died 1848

DUBLIN MILLS - Dublin township; new cemetery, only 1 marker in 1982 for Ray Long died 1980

EBENEZER METHODIST - Belfast township near Needmore; copied by Sam Buterbaugh in 1960s; earliest Fanny Truax died 1851

ENGLERT FARM - Todd township near Knobsville; 16 graves copied by Sam Buterbaugh in the 1960s; earliest Wagoner child died 1850

FAIRVIEW - Taylor township at United Methodist church, 3 miles west of Hustontown; about 250 graves copied by Roy & Jennifer Cline, Tom Duffey, Connie & Glenn Cordell on August 29, 1982

FARM - Taylor township; copied by Ned Knepper mostly unknown names; 3 on Helen Edwards farm, 2 on Cordelia McLain farm, 5 on Harry Knepper farm, 10 on Reed Feight farm, 1 on Black farm, 4 on Harper tract

FIELD - Taylor township, copied by Charles Edwards in 1982; 2 Barnett markers on Mountain Road in Charlie Black's field; 1 Sipes stone lying on ground near Donald Gracey's

FORT LITTLETON - Dublin township at Fort Littleton; about 175 graves copied by Sam Buterbaugh in early 1970s; earliest Snyder child died 1811 and Rev. James Hunter of M.E. Church died 1820

FORT LITTLETON FARM - Dublin township on old Wm. Wilds farm; copied by Gil Colledge in October 1981; 10 graves but stones moved to woods by James Stevens; earliest Baker died 1830

GLADFELTER/NEWMAN - Taylor township; 2 legible and 7 fieldstones copied by Ned Knepper in 1978

GLADFELTER PULPWOOD - Taylor township, 2 legible and 6 fieldstones copied by Ned Knepper in 1978

GREEN HILL PRESBYTERIAN - Licking Creek township; copied from a published church history list by George Harris in 1930 and updated by Floyd Sipes in 1978

GREGORY/HIXSON - on Greenland Road near Maryland border; 12 stones plus others not
readable copied by David Mason in July 1984

HAMMEL - Licking Creek township; 1 marker along old rail fence post 2 miles down Sipes Mill Road, copied by Deanna Anderson in October 1983; for Mary Hammel 1747-1818

HAMMETT - Licking Creek township near Harrisonville; 3 graves on Gordon Strait farm, 1 grave on Oliver Daniels farm, copied by Sam Buterbaugh

HENDERSHOT - Bethel township on farm of Shirley Remsburg; 3 marked graves plus 20 fieldstones recorded by Bernard Barton in 1993

HENDERSHOT - Union township in Buck Valley; 26 marked graves copied from LDS microfilm; earliest Jackson Hendershot died 1859

HILLS CHAPEL - Bethel township near Dott; 98 marked graves copied from LDS microfilm; earliest Job Hill died 1832

HOCKENSMITH - Licking Creek township on Hoop's Hill near Andover; 4 marked graves and 9 fieldstones copied by Hazel Harr in 1978; earliest grave 1854

HOOPER - Bethel township off Route 643 near Bedford Chapel; 6 readable tombstones copied by D.L. Welsh in 1991

HUMBERT FARM - Ayr township on Dickey's Mountain Road; copied by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest fieldstone Hess died 1819

HUSTONTOWN - border of Dublin/Taylor township at United Methodist church; about 500 markers copied by Glenn Cordell in November 1982; dates from Civil War period

HYKES/MARTIN - Ayr township south of McConnellsburg; used by Old Order River Brethren; copied by Sam Buterbaugh in 1960s with number of weathered field stones; the traditional burial location for Daniel McConnell, Sr., the founder of McConnellsburg

JERUSALEM CHRISTIAN - Brush Creek township north of Amaranth; 110 graves copied from LDS microfilm about 1950; earliest David May died 1847

KENDALL - Ayr township on Buterbaugh farm south of McConnellsburg; 1 marker for first white woman to die a natural death, copied by Anne J. Lodge in 1982

KLINE - Licking Creek township near Andover; 6 graves copied by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Conrad Cline died 1788

KNEPPER FARM - Taylor township west side of Route 440; note from Ned Knepper in 1978 of 9 gravestones under a machine shed, names unknown; also 3 fieldstone markers on Harry S. Knepper farm

KNOBSVILLE METHODIST - Todd township, west side of Route 522; about 300 graves copied by Sam Buterbaugh about 1965; earliest Thomas Campbell died 1853

KNOBSVILLE REFORMED - Todd township, also known as United Brethren; copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Susanna Glunt died 1848

LAKE FAMILY - Thompson township on Gladfelter Pulpwood land; 12 graves copied by Herbert Powell; earliest Peter Lake 1818-1891

LAUREL RIDGE - Ayr township along Route 928 at Christian church south of Big Cove Tannery; 54 graves copied by Hazel Harr in 1978; earliest Lewis Williams died 1914

LAYTON - Brush Creek township on former Howard Layton farm in Whips Cove; 26 marked graves copied by Sam Buterbaugh, plus many fieldstones

LEESE FARM - Belfast township, 2 cemeteries on Vernon Leese farm; Hessler/Morton in pine grove off Leese Road; also 3 Fink graves but markers moved in 1990s to Woodbury, PA

LOGAN - Ayr township on George Buterbaugh farm; 3 graves copied by Sam Buterbaugh

MAGSAM FAMILY - Ayr township south side of Route 16 east of McConnellsburg; 5 markers

MAYS CHAPEL - Bethel township near Warfordsburg at Christian church; 70 marked graves copied from the LDS microfilm; earliest Andrew Miller, Jr. died 1864

McCONNELLSBURG LUTHERAN - North Third Street in McConnellsburg; 264 marked graves copied from the Walter Sloan collection about 1940; earliest Andrew Glenn died 1799

McCONNELLSBURG METHODIST - North Third Street in McConnellsburg; copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Divelbiss child died 1842

McCONNELLSBURG PRESBYTERIAN - South Second Street in McConnellsburg; 244 marked graves copied from Walter Sloan collection; earliest William Agnew died 1815

McCONNELLSBURG REFORMED - North Second Street in McConnellsburg at St. Paul's UCC; copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest John Fox died 1835

McCONNELLSDALE BRETHREN - Todd township at Calvary Independent Baptist church along Route 522; copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Grissinger baby died 1854

McGOVERN FARM - Todd township, on fence line between old Mock family farm and present Charles Walker farm; 2 marked Mock graves copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh

McKEE - Union township on Cavander farm near Amaranth; 31 marked graves copied from LDS microfilm; earliest Lewis Martin died 1852

McKENDREE METHODIST - Brush Creek township at Crystal Springs; 188 marked graves copied from LDS microfilm; earliest Hixson baby died 1802

MELLOTT FARM - Licking Creek township on Wallace Mellott farm near Saluvia; 1 grave for Christian Reamer copied by Sam Buterbaugh, plus several fieldstones

MORTON FAMILY - Belfast township, in woods behind the Needmore Fire Company; 19 marked graves plus fieldstones, mostly fallen down, copied by Dan Grissinger and Glenn Cordell on May 20, 1978; earliest Richard Morton died 1787

MT. TABOR - Taylor township at Church of Nazarene near Waterfall; 28 graves copied by Tom Duffey and Glenn Cordell in August 1982

NEW GRENADA - Wells township at Huntingdon County line at Bethel Church of God; about 275 markers copied by Connie & Glenn Cordell on October 3, 1982; earliest Houpt died 1859

OAKLEY METHODIST - Thompson township south of Needmore; copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Sipes infant died 1868

PECK - Thompson township on the Conrad Peck Sr homestead, now Bernhard Barnhart; 15 markers plus fieldstones copied by Whrelda Pittman in 1981

PEFFER FARM - Todd township; 5 marked graves copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Daniel Gingery died 1834

PLEASANT GROVE CHRISTIAN - Belfast township near Needmore; copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Matilda Clark died 1873

PLEASANT RIDGE BRETHREN - Belfast township above Needmore; copied about 1965 by Sam Buterbaugh; large cemetery dating from the 1880s

PLEASANT RIDGE NAZARENE - Licking Creek township about 5 miles south of Harrisonville; copied by Marietta Sipes in 1979; earliest Stapelton died 1941

PUTERBAUGH - Todd township on George Richards farm; 1 tombstone moved from rock pile to McConnellsdale Brethren by Sam Buterbaugh in 1997

RIDGE - Todd township near west edge of McConnellsburg in Negro community; 1 tombstone but many unmarked graves, visited August 15, 1979 by Sam Buterbaugh and Glenn Cordell

SHIVES - Thompson township on Dickey's Mountain Road at Maryland line; 56 graves copied by Hazel Harr in 1978; earliest Sarah Shives died 1839

SIDELING HILL CHRISTIAN - Licking Creek township near Harrisonville; copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest James Morton died 1859

SIDELING HILL PRIMITIVE BAPTIST - Belfast township near Sipes Mill; copied in early 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; recorded in 1991 Society booklet; very large and early cemetery, with 300 old markers removed about 1935

SILOAM - Licking Creek township at Methodist church; copied in June 1978 by Floyd Sipes and updated in 1980 by Dixie Fix; earliest Catharine Sipes died 1835

SIMPSON FARM - Thompson township on Dickey's Mountain Road, also called Pittman cemetery; copied about 1960 by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Joseph Pittman died 1829

SIPES - Licking Creek township on Chester Decker farm near Harrisonville; 9 markers copied by Sam Buterbaugh plus fieldstones; earliest Philip Sipes died 1857

SIPES #2 - Licking Creek township on Patterson Run road; 4 children and 11 unmarked graves copied by Floyd Sipes

SNOTTS - Todd township on old Newton Bard farm west of Peach Orchard Road; 3 graves copied by Hazel Harr and Winifred Chesnut who remembered when there were more markers

TICE FAMILY - Todd township on old Oscar Martz farm (now Harold Gress) from Peach Orchard Road; 3 markers under apple tree copied by Glenn Cordell in 1981

TONOLOWAY PRIMITIVE BAPTIST - Thompson township near Maryland line; large, early cemetery copied by Sam Buterbaugh in 1960s; earliest Perthenia Truax died 1781

UNION - Ayr township south of McConnellsburg; largest cemetery in Fulton County; burial date copied from the Cemetery Association book in 1979 by Susan Weller

UNION CHRISTIAN - Brush Creek township at Crystal Springs; also called Old Gapsville; 71 markers copied from LDS microfilm; earliest Morgan Barton died 1810; it is said the hillside was covered with markers before World War II when more than 100 were removed

VALLENCE - Licking Creek township on Pearl Bishop farm; 6 Vallence stones copied by Floyd Sipes plus 12 creekstones said to be Vallence; 1 grave said to be a Frenchman who murdered his wife by cutting off her head with an axe

WARFORDSBURG METHODIST - Bethel township in center of Warfordsburg; 32 graves copied by Glenn Cordell in December 1984; earliest Ann Graves died 1822

WARFORDSBURG PRESBYTERIAN - Bethel township in town of Warfordsburg; about 400 graves copied 1964-65 by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Whitford died 1854

WELLS METHODIST - Wells township; over 300 graves copied in September 1983 by John Nelson, Sam Buterbaugh, Glenn & Connie Cordell; earliest Benjamin Green died 1841

WELLS VALLEY CHAPEL - Wells township between New Grenada and Wells Tannery; formerly United Brethren; about 180 markers copied November 27, 1983 by Connie and Glenn Cordell; earliest Watson died 1852

WHIPS COVE CHRISTIAN - Brush Creek township; copied in the 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Catharine Diehl died 1864

WIBLE - Todd township on Paul Ratliff farm; 4 markers copied October 1981 by Connie & Glenn Cordell

WINEGARDNER - Taylor township northeast of Winegardner school; copied 1978 by Ned R. Knepper who said "There could be as many as 100 graves here. Grown up in briars; almost impossible to get through"

WINK - Belfast township on the former William Wink farm on Timber Ridge Road; 40 markers copied in 1960s by Sam Buterbaugh; earliest Jacob Winke died 1806

WOOLLET - Dublin township along Old State Road south of Ft. Littleton; 20 markers copied in 1981 by Ken Keebaugh; earliest Margaret Wollet died 1832

ZION METHODIST - Taylor township near Waterfall; 5 marked graves plus 14 with initials copied October 1982 by Connie & Glenn Cordell; church founded 1853