Souders Family Letters

Copies of several Souders family letters, formerly in possession of Jesse J.
Souders (1889 - 1957), made their way to me via Florence Dart Chadbourne, an
early researcher of this Fulton County family and my 2nd cousin.

The letters mainly have to do with the children of Henry Souders (1770 -
1838) and their children.  Henry's children include John and James of Ayr
Township; William, Henry, Charles of Thompson Township, Arthur of Morgan
County VA (WV), and Margaret who married (1st) Simon Householder and (2nd)
Henry Peck.

Many of the letters were directed to Charles.  Other letters came into his
possession, or that of his son Andrew or Andrew's son Jesse.  I suspect that
Charles was regarded as the family historian.  Letters addressed to Margaret
Peck and Hannah Myers Souders, William's widow, are in this group.

I would be happy to provide copies (of copies) to anyone who wishes to have
them.  They are in poor condition but readable.

John Rogers
November 30, 2005

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